Nito Verdera was born in 1934 on the island of Ibiza, Spain; he has been first mate in the Merchant Marine and a journalist. While sailing in Swedish ships in the Caribbean Sea, he began to become interested in the figure of Christopher Columbus. Changing the course of his life, he returned to Ibiza to enter into the world of journalism and has been a contributer for many years to the Diario de Ibiza, Ultima Hora, La Prensa de Ibiza, Radio Nacional de España, Catalunya Radio, Cadena Cope, Televisión Española (TVE).

Nito Verdera has dedicated a good part of his professional life, as is required of any large investigative project, to the study of the enigmatic character who gave a New World to the Spanish monarchy, and has arrived at the conclusion that this individual can only be explained as Catalan-speaking, crypto-Jewish and a member of Ibiza’s powerful Colom family, a branch of that which owned properties in Barcelona’s Call judio. Nito Verdera, is really exposing in a scientific manner the weak points of the Italian, Galician, Portuguese, Corsican and even Greek contenders who claim the paternity of the discoverer of America. His most important works are:

        Tesis ibicenca de Cristóbal Colon - Cristòfor Colom fou eivissenc, 1979 [An Ibicenco thesis for Christopher Columbus - Christopher Columbus was Ibicenco]

        La verdad de un nacimiento - Colón ibicenco, 1988   [The truth behind a birth - Ibicenco Columbus]

        Cristóbal Colón, catalanoparlante, 1994

        Cristóbal Colón, originario de Ibiza y criptojudio, 1999

        De Ibiza y Formenta al Caribe: Cristóbal Colón y la toponomia, 2000

José Javier Muñoz, author of Redacción periodistica (1994 - ‘Journalistic editing’) and professor at Salamanca University, on explaining the art of investigation uses as an example the work of Nito Verdera on Columbus, and as a paradigm, the development by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post in the Watergate case.


Nito Verdera, lecturer in Washington, D.C.